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“My struggles were definitely my Nutrition and discipline. Therefore, that led to my main frustration and lack of motivation. It led to a Lack of motivation/ low self-esteem/ my health in general. Bad sleeping/eating habits. Always tired and always lazy to do anything. This program has helped me so far in improving my mentality and self-discipline. All that led to other secondary results such as weight loss/ muscle gain/ more energy/ boost my confidence/ knowledge in nutrition & Fitness in general. It is definitely better due to the fact that I’m more knowledgeable and aware. This program definitely prepares you and changes your views on your health & mental discipline. Although my goal is cliche ( lose weight/ gain muscle) I have realized that this program is more than just achieving your vanity looks. What I take the most from this program is the fact that they teach you and prepare you for anything you are trying to pursue. “Knowledge is power”. “
“Before finding Adaptive Performance, my struggle was knowing what workouts to do and getting results. It was frustrating going to the gym regularly but never seeing results. My frustration with not seeing results affected my motivation to workout.  I felt like I wasn’t exercising properly and didn’t see the point in continuing to go to the gym. Before I made the decision to join Adaptive Performance, I was paying for a gym membership I never used for over a year. The program at Adaptive Performance has helped restore my motivation to workout and get fit. Working out in groups with friends makes me stay accountable and committed. I’ve seen the most results I’ve ever seen then when I would just go to the gym on my own. I’ve lost weight and have gotten toned to the point where family, friends and even co-workers have noticed. Life is different for me now because I enjoy working out. I’ve made it a regular part of my life and look forward to going to the gym.  The personalized workouts help target the areas I want to see results in, and the individualized nutrition plan helps me stay on track. It’s evident Mike is knowledgeable about fitness and really cares about his clients.  He is flexible, and he even has a kid’s playroom which makes it really convenient for me when I bring my kiddos along.”
“My biggest struggle before joining Adaptive Performance was with my eating habits and staying consistent with workouts. I found my biggest frustrations to be when I am eating clean and workout consistently but I don’t lose my belly fat. All of this really affected My Life by making me want to give up on wanting to reach my goal cause it seemed like I was the furthest away from getting to my goal. Before joining I really felt unhappy and negative mostly. Since joining adaptive performance does program has continued to teach me that if I want my results, I am in control at all times, with what I eat and how hard I work for my results while I am in the gym and at home. I am happier with who I am becoming, seeing myself in a positive way more than negative. I am loving the woman I am becoming as I face and overcome the roadblocks in my path.”
“Before Adaptive Performance, my main struggles were figuring out what exercises to do to help me lose weight and figuring out my nutrition goals. I was often frustrated because I would be very consistent with “working out” and “eating healthier” but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. My struggles and frustration affect my life greatly. I felt unattractive in my clothes, unhappy with my outer appearance, and always felt the urge to give up on my fitness goals. Before I made the decision to join I felt very intimidated. A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to play softball at the collegiate level. Our workouts were 6/7 days and I had nutritional advising. With the help of those resources, I was able to maintain and feel the way I’ve never felt before. Now, fast forwarding to moments before I committed to this program, I was terrified. Knowing that feeling of being “in shape”, looking and feeling lean, and just blasting through any workout feels great until you take a 2-year break from everything that helped you be the best you. I was scared to fail, to look “fat” in front of the other clients, and mostly scared to start all over again. This program saved my life. Not only am I seeing results but I feel better than ever. I feel my confidence coming back, I can feel my clothes fitting differently, and the compliments from others don’t hurt either!
My life has changed for the better! Now that I’ve learned how to cook nutritious meals I’ve been able to keep the weight off. Adaptive Performance helped improve my overall life. My mindset, my attitude, my knowledge of health and fitness, and my drive to help others that are also struggling. I appreciate all the time and efforts from my Adaptive Performance family!”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Adaptive Athlete?

An Adaptive Athlete is prepared for life because they possess the unfaltering mindset of a tried and true champion. They are defined by character traits, habits, and routines that are unaffected by circumstance. An Adaptive Athlete is one who has the skills to not only meet the physical demands of life and sport but the mental capacity to withstand and thrive in the face of adversity and it’s ever-changing landscape in any environment.

Who should train with Adaptive Performance?

This training is for those who want more than to just simply get by. This training is for those who want to succeed in fitness, sport, and life endeavors.

Why are Adaptive Athletes better suited to succeed in life?

Adaptive Athletes are armed with a skill set that allows them to dig deep when others have given up, as this program is not a one size fits all but rather a personal journey to overcoming life’s obstacles through physical fitness but also mental fitness. Adaptive Athletes posses the mental attitude to do what others won’t.

How long is the training commitment?

Each commitment will differ based on goals of the individual athlete

What ongoing Support do you offer?

We support our Athletes like family so we’ve created a path of different mediums to build a community to lean on one another and grow together. The Adaptive Team can be reached by:
•Facebook/Facebook group
•Phone call/text