Unbreakable strength

Strong or Weak

What Are You?


“Liable to break or give way under pressure; easily damaged.”


“Possessing skills and qualities that create a likelihood of success.”

“Able to withstand great force or pressure.”


“T​he metal coverings formerly worn by soldiers or warriors to protect the body in battle.”

“The protective layer or shell of some animals and plants.”

On this path we are ​STRONG​. Our bodies act as a form of armor to both apply and withstand great pressure. It is here that we will not bend nor break. Strength is the basis for all movement, on this path we explore just how much force we can apply to our world.

    Why We Train

    Areas of Focus:

    • Power
      • Moving a Sub-maximal load at maximal velocity
        • Training example – Banded deadlifts
        • Personal application – Swiftly lifting your spouse off their feet and taking them to the bedroom…
    •  Strength
      • (Submaximal) Moving a load smaller than maximal effort for a repeated number of repetitions
        • Training example – 4 sets of 12 reps at 70 percent of your 1 rep maximum
        • Personal example – Moving bags of concrete
      • (Maximal) Moving a load for maximal repetitions
        • Training example – 1 rep maximum back squat, deadlift, or press
        • Personal application – Moving heavy furniture
    • Muscular Development
      • Hypertrophy = Muscular development.
        • Training example – 20 reps to failure.
        • Personal application – Intimidation; Beach body

    the program:

    • General Preparedness (Not specific to any sport)
    • 90 day objective based cycles
    • 4 Training sessions
    • 2 Recovery sessions
    • 1 Regeneration sessions
    • 1 training session per day
    • 30-60 minute training sessions
    • Delivered by digital app

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