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Never Stop

What are You?

Do you have the capacity? Are you the tortoise or the hare? Or instead, are you the cheetah with gorilla-like strength and power? On this path we are expected to bear the load of endurance that never stops mentally or physically. Here we can’t afford to let our grip give out just because we’ve been carrying a sandbag for miles while crawling under wire. We still have ropes to climb and walls to get over, our team needs us. Here we cant afford to just stop running because our legs are tired, our competition isn’t stopping and it’s going to be a sprint to the finish line to see who gets there first. This path is the one for those who want to get there first.

    Why We Train

    Areas Of Focus:

    • Power/Power Endurance
      • Lifting a Sub-maximal load at maximal velocity
        • Training example – Banded kettlebell swings; Box Jumps
        • Personal application – Heaving a sandbag over a wall; Sprint to the finish line
    • Strength/Muscular Endurance (Maximal/Submaximal)
      • (Submaximal) Lifting a load smaller than maximal effort for a repeated number of repetitions
        • Training example – A set of 10 reps at 70 percent of your 1 rep maximum
        • Personal application – Monkey bar obstacle
      • (Maximal) Lifting a Maximal load
        • Training example – 10 rep maximum bench press
        • Personal application – 50 lbs stone carry
    • Endurance/Work Capacity
      • Aerobic Endurance/Ability to keep continuous movement for hours or even days
        • Training example – Running, Cycling, Swimming
        • Personal application – Long races
    • Stability
      • Midline stability refers to stabilization of the spine
        • Training example – Strongman lifting
        • Personal application – Carrying ropes and sandbags while running


    the program:

    • General Preparedness (Not specific to any course or event)
    • 7 days a week
    • 4 Training sessions
    • 2 Recovery sessions
    • 1 Regeneration sessions
    • 1 training session per day
    • 30-60 minute training sessions
    • Delivered by digital app

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