Combat Athlete

Your body is your weapon


What Are You?

“Able or likely to cause harm or injury.”

“Likely to cause problems or to have adverse consequences.”

On this path, we can’t go into a fight unprepared. We don’t have the luxury of gassing out in the first round when our opponent has been training all year round and has been waiting for this very moment. We can’t afford to be in a fight-winning position only to gas out because our conditioning did not prepare us. It is here that we will outlast our competition. It is here that we are strong and powerful in the last round with energy that makes us a nightmare in the final round for our opponent.  

    Why We Train

    Areas Of Focus:

    • Power
      • Moving a Sub-maximal load at maximal velocity
        • Training example – Power cleans
        • Personal application – Swiftly lifting your opponent off the ground and dumping them onto their head; Delivering fight ending blows
    • Strength/Strength Endurance (Maximal/Sub-Maximal)
      • (Submaximal) Moving a load smaller than maximal effort for a repeated number of repetitions
        • Training example – 4 sets of 12 reps at 70 percent of your 1 rep maximum; High rep push ups
        • Personal example – Controlling your opponent in the guard or mount
      • (Maximal) Moving a load for maximal repetitions
        • Training example – 1 rep maximum back squat, deadlift, or press
        • Personal application – Escaping or blocking takedown attempts, chokes, and holds
    • Endurance/Work Capacity 
      • The ability to keep moving over long periods of time
        • Training example – Running, Cycling, Rowing or a circuit of continuous work or repeated work
        • Personal application – Overwhelming our opponent with combinations of strikes and takedowns from the first round to the last seconds of the final round

    the program:

    • General Preparedness (Not specific to any sport or fight camp)
    • 90 day objective based cycles 
    • 4 Training sessions
    • 2 Recovery sessions
    • 1 Regeneration sessions
    • 1 training session per day
    • 30-60 minute training sessions
    • Delivered by digital app 

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