I want to share some information with you all based on questions I receive often from people looking for help on achieving a higher level of fitness or perhaps dropping more weight in a shorter amount of time.

My answer always begins with “it depends…” and then follows with “for what…?” 

It depends on many factors and variables but we must first address the “why” and understand what the purpose of doing 2x a day of training would do for you. 

Many (most) people don’t follow a written program that allows them to make incremental gains safely and they have no organization to structuring their training variables such as the how much and how often. Weight used, exercises performed, in what order are also things that must be taken into account.

Why you need less NOT more

Today we live in a world where resources are in abundance and we went from keeping up with the Jones’ to keeping up with the Kardashians. We all have this idea that more is better and we all think that success is right around the corner, we just need to buy this one product or run just one more mile. 

While attempting to attain these things that actually only take us further away from our goals, we give up the things that are actually helping us, like sleep, good food, and good company such as family and friends. 

Less is more

I’ve come to learn that less is more in life. 

Do you ever look back and realize how much effort you’ve put towards accomplishing your goals but in all that time you’ve given up so much and still you’re nowhere near getting there? 

I have.

Today we want everything and we want it now. I’m not saying we’re not willing to work towards it but is it really helping us? We want to drop weight so we go out and spend thousands of dollars on supplements, workout clothes, diet pills, and a gym membership, then the next day we decide to sign up for a marathon that’s taking place in 60 days as if that has anything to do with our goals. 

So now we’re ready to hit the ground running and we do for about a week, maybe a month at most in most cases. 

We run and workout as hard as we can, we take our pills, and everything feels good but there’s no noticeable change overnight and we end up doing 1 of 2 things:

  1. We stop doing everything altogether because the results aren’t coming fast enough
  2. or

  3. We push harder. We buy more of everything and work out more and more. 

We cut out spending time with family and finding time to relax and enjoy life so that we can jack up the intensity and start with 2 a day training because training through the pain is necessary, right? We cut our caloric intake in half because who cares if we’re hungry as long as we drop the unwanted weight, right? We don’t sleep as much because there’s just not enough time between chasing our new goals and maintaining the life we have. We want it all and we want it now. 

Look back at your methods and ask yourself if any of that really helped? Sure you dropped some pounds or added some muscle but at what cost? Was it sustainable? 

Americans are known for this type of behavior, especially around January 1st because it’s a new year and we want a new us. 

Extremes have been proven to be quite effective for the short-term but they have also been proven to be very destructive for the long term use.

Unfortunately it’s difficult to know what an extreme looks like without measurable metrics. Most of us take on these tasks without knowing where we’re starting and don’t really know where we’re going either. We have the best intentions and we know that working hard is really going to get us there and so we push and we push and we push but typically, what has been the outcome?

Remember we have to recover from our day-to-day stress whether it be physical or mental or emotional. Without coping and recovery there is no progress. That’s a quick path to injuries, sickness, failing relationships, even losing your job. 

With that said, start doing more of the things that you’re not doing such as stretching, foam rolling, and drawing back on the intensity of all your CrossFit workouts and extreme endurance races. Give your body time to recover and you will start to see the improvements that you’re looking for.

Be Adaptive. Be Limitless.