So you want to be a badass?

I decided to make my first post about Human Behavior because it’s at the root of literally every choice we make in life. So what exactly is Human Behavior and why should you care? I’m talking about mindset, people. Character traits – habits, routines, emotional fitness. This isn’t about the one thing you did one time, this is about the things we do EVERY DAY. These things are what define our lives and who we are at our core. 

So what? 

Well let’s just jump right to it. 

First let’s look at the flawed and failing mindset model that isn’t working for you but for some reason we keep doing it. The cycle goes like this:

  1. Feeling
  2. Behavior
  3. Character
  4. Outcome

So what’s wrong with this model and why isn’t it conducive to our greater good and achieving our goals? Here’s an example of what that model does to us in our daily lives: We will use Jennifer as our fictional character. 

Jennifer’s Goals:

Jennifer has goals of moving into a higher position at her job where she will make more money and have a more creative expression to better help the people she’s serving. She has aspirations of living in a bigger house, have a more meaningful relationship with her boyfriend, and most importantly, living a more fulfilling life with purpose. 

Jennifer 1.0

What her life looks like right now:

  1. Feeling- Jennifer rolls out of bed every day dragging her feet from being tired, depressed, overweight, and she just isn’t feeling it. She hates her job, she hates the relationship she’s in, she hates her apartment, she hates her body. She’s just not happy. So how does Jennifer feel? She feels like SHIT. 
  2. Behavior/Action- So what does she do next? Feeling the way she does (like shit) she now behaves in a manner that isn’t helping her get any closer to her goals by doing things like eating unhealthy foods, calling out of work, neglecting her relationship with her boyfriend, and refusing to workout. 
  3. Character- Who does Jennifer believe she is as a person? She now thinks that she’s defined by her mistakes and continues down this path and believes she’s a piece of shit every day and will always be.
  4. Outcome- Look at Jennifer’s goals versus her outcomes because she let her feelings dictate her behaviors. She was fired from her job after calling out of work too many times. With a reduced income, she was forced to downsize her apartment (only getting further away from having a house), not to mention the fact that her boyfriend also broke up with her because he felt neglected and didn’t see the relationship growing. She gained more weight from all the unhealthy eating. Overall Jennifer failed to reach her goals because she let emotion drive her actions instead of keeping a champion mindset and attacking her goals as a true champ does. 

So let’s look at how champions are made and the mindset that delivers results every time. 

The Champion Mindset Model:

  1. Character
  2. Behavior
  3. Feeling
  4. Outcome

Lets see how Jennifer can take her situation and the Champion Mindset to see radical change and positive results.

Jennifer still holds onto the same values and starts with the same problems but her approach this time is different. 

Jennifer 2.0

  1. Character- Jennifer knows that life isn’t going her way currently but she plays like a champion every minute of the day regardless of her circumstances. She does not whine, complain, or make excuses. She believes in optimism and doing the right things for the sake of it because she’s processed-driven and intrinsically motivated, rather than looking to receive praise or some external appreciation. Jennifer believes in herself and that she is a champion always. 
  2. Behavior- Jennifer’s behaviors are a direct reflection of her character and her mindset. She is driven to win because she believes she is a champion. She gets up every day and eats a healthy diet while also going to the gym to stay fit and healthy. Jennifer always arrives to work early and doesn’t mind staying a bit late if necessary to get the job done to completion. She knows her actions will lead to success and accomplishing her goals. She also knows doing anything less won’t get her any closer to where she truly wants to be. She prioritizes her relationship with her significant other just as much as she does work and being healthy because she values the support and growth that her boyfriend provides her in accomplishing her goals. She also knows life is about balance, not extremism. 
  3. Feeling- Every day Jennifer is feeling amazing. She’s happy and ready to do the things necessary to tackle her goals everyday. She feels like a champion because in her mind she is a champion. Jennifer does not wait until she’s successful to start behaving like a champion and having the habits of a champion. She lives like a champion every day. Jennifer doesn’t feel like she’s suffering. She feels like she’s doing what’s necessary to have what she wants and earns. She doesn’t feel like she’s giving up anything but rather making choices to be successful. She sees this as an advantage and an opportunity, she does not believe she is a victim. 
  4. Outcome-Today her life is very different from Jennifer 1.0 because of that mindset, she has not just reached her goals but is thriving in life, her career, relationships, and health. Every day is an opportunity to get better. 

The takeaway here is to change your mindset and your actions will follow. If you want to be a badass, be a badass. 

Be Adaptive. Be Limitless.