It can be very difficult to mass produce an individual based product so what we end up getting most of the time is a cookie-cutter program that is said to deliver the same results that other people within that group are also promised but few actually see. 

Let’s take popular workout programs like CrossFit, P90X, and Insanity. 

These programs are all mass-produced cookie-cutter programs mostly and when you attempted to do them did they take into account the knee injury that you have from high school sports? What about the fact that you had a long day at work and very little sleep from the night before? How about your underlying health conditions? 

I’m not tearing down these programs as they have proven to be very effective for some people but the one-size-fits-all approach works less often then one would think. How many years have you been doing CrossFit and how many injuries have you sustained in that time? Don’t get me wrong, I love CrossFit and what it represents and how it’s brought life back into training with high intensity but when you were going to your “box” everyday for as long as you were, when did you decide not to return?

I’m sure you’ve looked around and noticed other members of the gym going through the same things that you’re going through where the results just aren’t there.  

P90X and Insanity have been in rotation for quite a few years now. How many of you look like Tony Horton or Shaun T after doing those programs? Do any of you even start to resemble those people in the promotional photos and videos? How many of you actually stuck to the programs all the way through? 

Through all your hard work in these programs did you get the results that you expected? If not, why?

I will answer that for you. None of these programs take into account individuality.

Individuality is everything in life and treating our exercise programs like a McDonald’s hamburger will get you somewhere for a very short time but then you’ll start to see that you’re just not getting the results that you would hope for. Individuality needs to be approached from a holistic standpoint the way that I approach training for my athletes as a coach. 

If you’re not taking into account more than just the weight on the bar or the workout written on the board then you’re not likely to succeed for very long. All your weaknesses will eventually show through and it will happen in a manner that isn’t conducive to your long-term health or exercise goals leading you to quit due to fatigue and injury typically.

Individuality needs to be assessed from a holistic standpoint for the individual.  Programs need to be written with your goals in mind as to what it is you want to accomplish and where you’re at now.

Individual weaknesses need to be addressed to get you to your goals. Individuality and your weaknesses will vary from one person to the next for so many different reasons to include but not limited to your nutritional habits, your adherence to the workout program and commitment, or even dysfunction in the body from an old injury or the work that you do everyday. 

If you’re interested in learning more about yourself and what weaknesses you need to address to help push you to new heights, please reach out. 

Be Adaptive. Be Limitless.